Fantanesh Ayele

Fantanesh Ayele, a palliative care patient is portrayed at Hospice Ethiopia in Addis Ababa. Jan 24,2020/Maheder Haileselassie/WHPCA

Fantanesh Ayele felt abandoned by people, but holistic palliative care from Hospice Ethiopia has improved her quality of life.

I was abandoned by people but this holistic care has helped me more than any medicines prescribed at hospitals. Palliative care has decreased my suffering. Now I am relieved, my children are able to go to school, and we are all given love and care by the palliative care team.

I can say that many things have changed in my life after I accessed palliative care. I believe the same will happen for other patients in need of palliative care. There are patients who are hidden at their homes refusing to talk about their disease and die with suffering and no proper care. Those are people who need to be addressed with palliative care.

I trust that the quality of lives of patients suffering from life threatening illness will be improved with palliative care.


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