Etsegenet Asefa

Etsegenet Asefa, a palliative care patient is portrayed at Hospice Ethiopia in Addis Ababa. Jan 24,2020/Maheder Haileselassie/WHPCA

Etsegenet Asefa had severe physical pain and symptoms, but also emotional, spiritual and psychosocial pain due to her cancer diagnosis. Palliative care relieved her suffering, brought comfort to her and her family, and gave her confidence and hope once more.

My name is Etsegenet Asefa, I’m 50 years old and I access palliative care at Hospice Ethiopia.

After my diagnosis, I found myself in a severe physical, psychosocial & spiritual distress. But after accessing palliative care, my suffering was holistically relieved. I have comfort and improved health status. I am now able to help others by giving care and raising awareness for those who were once in my shoes. My family are very happy, satisfied and at peace with my improvements and that am alive now with no pain.

Palliative care must be accessible because there are numerous people suffering from life threatening illness in developing counties like Ethiopia, especially women with breast and cervical cancer.

After I accessed palliative care, I got the initiative, courage and psychological readiness to start from the beginning again.

I used to give up on myself, I never saw that I would be here today. I advise and encourage people to not give up on themselves.


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