Hospice Ethiopia 

Hospice Ethiopia offers home palliative care services in Addis Ababa.

Find out more on their website: https://hospiceethiopia.com/ 

About Ethiopian Palliative Care website

This website offers Ethiopian doctors, nurses and other health care workers a library of resources on hospice and palliative care from around the globe.
The aim is to advance palliative care as part of Universal Health Coverage in Ethiopia, while giving context by sharing the lived experience of people with direct experience of palliative care.


This website has been made possible through generous collaboration and contributions by The Federal Ministry of Health of Ethiopia, The Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care Alliance (funded by the Joffe Charitable Trust), Hospice Ethiopia,  African Palliative Care Association, Palliative Care Works and palliative care researchers and authors, and people living with palliative care needs in Ethiopia.  



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